Sunday, 20 September 2015

éirígí Hold Successful "Reclaim the Republic" Campaign launch in Newry

busy Saturday afternoon [September 19] saw éirígí activists take to the streets of Newry to launch the party’s “Reclaim the Republic” campaign in the area.
The activists set up an information stall in Hill Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in Newry. éirígí flags and starry ploughs adorned the stall adding some colour to the launch.
For the duration of the event numerous members of the public, young and old, stopped by to chat with éirígí activists and enquire about the party and our campaign.
Speaking from the launch éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “We are here today ,not only to launch this campaign, but also to engage with the people of Newry. We are absolutely delighted with theresponse we received.
“Our stall attracted quite a bit of attention from the people of Newry whilst scores of poster-sized colour proclamations were distributed to shoppers and members of the public alike, along with copies of our latest local news sheet “Poblacht na nOibrithe/The Workers Republic”.
Echoing Stephens words Newry éirígí activist Anthony Coyle added “The next stage of our “Reclaim the Republic” campaign will entail éirígí activists distributing 1916 proclamations to hundreds of homes in the various housing estates and streets throughout Newry.
“It’s fitting that éirígí have launched this campaign in the area given the fact that Newry has a direct link with the Easter rising, with local republican Patrick Rankin cycling from Newry to Dublin to take part in the battle”.
Concluding Murney said “We are looking forward to further engaging with local working class communities throughout the course of this initiative”.
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

éirígí to launch "Reclaim the Republic" campaign in Newry

With the centenary of the 1916 Easter rising fast approaching, the socialist Republican Party éirígí plan to launch their "Reclaim the Republic/Athshealbhaígí an Phoblacht" campaign in Newry next weekend.

The campaign, which has already been launched in various parts of the country including Belfast, Dublin and Tipperary, will involve the distribution of hundreds of 1916 proclamations to homes across the Newry area.

Speaking ahead of the campaign launch éirígí's Newry representative Stephen Murney explained "Next Saturday afternoon [September 19] we plan to hold a "Reclaim the Republic" information stall in Hill Street. This will give éirígí activists the opportunity to engage with the people of Newry.

"We will be distributing 1916 proclamations during this event as It is our view that every household should have one of these historic documents proudly displayed. As it stands éirígí have so far distributed over 70,000 1916 proclamations to homes across Ireland."

Murney continued "Following the launch, the main element of the campaign will see éirígí activists distribute full colour, poster-size copies of the Proclamation to households across the Newry area in the coming weeks and months.

"The context of the proclamation is as relevant today as it was almost 100 years ago. The ideals contained within this historic document have yet to be realised.

Concluding Stephen said "We will be asking people to examine how the Ireland of 2015 compares to the Ireland hoped for by those who declared the Irish Republic of 1916. We would argue that we certainly don't have a Republic which genuinely “guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities”. Therefore we are encouraging people to become politically active and “Reclaim the Republic”.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


The revelation that there are at least seventeen Loyalist/Unionist parades in Newry each year has been described as abhorrent by the socialist republican party éirígí.

The comments came following Friday nights sectarian parade, organised by the South Down Defenders Flute Band, which involved thousands of Loyalists and at least 50 sectarian flute bands. There were further parades on both Saturday and Sunday along with PSNI harassment of the local éirígí spokesperson observing the marches.

Voicing the party’s opposition to sectarian marches, éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “I was present to observe these coat-trailing exercises over the course of the weekend. Just a couple of weeks ago we raised serious concerns about the disruption that this weekend’s plethora of sectarian parades would bring to Newry.

“Our prediction was well founded and proven to be correct when Newry was brought to a standstill on Friday night. Heavily armed PSNI members launched a significant security operation to seal off and close roads in one of the main arterial areas of the town to facilitate the unwanted parade. This in turn caused severe disruption across Newry. Residents living along the route of the parade were literally prisoners in their own homes as dozens of sectarian bands and thousands of Loyalist bigots descended onto their streets for several hours. The disruption continued on both Saturday and Sunday”.

Furthermore Stephen explained how he was subjected to PSNI harassment whilst observing the parades “On Saturday evening I was present in the centre of Newry to observe one of these sectarian marches. As soon as I arrived at the Town Hall I was apprehended and singled out by two members of the state forces, one of whom is notorious for harassing local republicans. They proceeded to stop me using so-called “anti-terror” legislation and the draconian Justice and Security Act. I had my details and movements recorded before being spread-eagled and searched for firearms and ammunition. Following that they radioed for back up and I found myself surrounded by no less than six heavily armed members of the PSNI. On handing me the stop and search card one of them quipped “you have enough of those cards by now to know what to do with them Stephen”. This was a clear reference to the intense campaign of PSNI harassment I have been subjected to over the past few years. The whole ordeal lasted 25 minutes and I have logged the details of the incident with my legal representatives and leading human rights group The Committee on the Administration of Justice [CAJ].

Stephen continued “Whilst political apologists and loyalist band representatives alike tried to portray this as a “colourful, fun, family event” with plenty of “musical talent”, the reality for local residents and citizens of Newry proved to be very different.

“The centre of Newry resembled a ghost town with the normally busy streets deserted and empty.

“This should have been a busy bank holiday weekend for locals and visitors alike. The last thing anyone, either from Newry or elsewhere, would want to see is heavily armed PSNI members in armoured landrovers sealing half the town off to facilitate a weekend of sectarianism.

Highlighting the number of sectarian marches in the Newry area Stephen concluded “The fact that there are at least seventeen Loyalist/Unionist parades in Newry each year is startling to say the least, and this figure doesn't even include return legs of the parades. These parades are unwelcome and it’s about time they were re-routed away from areas in which they are unwanted.”