Monday, 27 February 2012

PSNI harassment motion to be debated at Newry Council meeting

Davy Hyland and Stephen Murney
A motion condemning PSNI harassment in Newry is to be debated at the monthly meeting of Newry & Mourne District Council on Monday 5th March.

The motion, spearheaded by éirígí, is being submitted to the council by independent republican councillor Davy Hyland on behalf of the party.

The text of the motion reads: “This council notes, with grave concern, the ongoing harassment of republican activists in the Newry area by the PSNI. Members of the socialist republican party éirígí, along with other republicans, are being harassed on an almost daily basis while going about their everyday business and while engaging in legitimate political activities. This harassment includes regular stop & searches which in the past have been condemned by the European courts of human rights. It is imperative that Newry and Mourne District Council condemn this unnecessary harassment and call for this type of political policing to stop.”

Speaking about the motion, éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney explained, “Harassment in recent years has gone into overdrive in Newry. This has been widely publicised yet elected representatives, with the exception of Davy Hyland, have remained silent.

“These people claim to have our best interests at heart yet so far they refuse to speak out against these human rights abusers. We need to know where they stand on this issue. Are they on the side of the victims or are they on the side of the oppressor?

“This is just one initiative we are pursuing to tackle PSNI harassment. We are also going to be launching a ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign at a public meeting in the coming weeks.”

Friday, 24 February 2012

éirígí: Attacks on motorists must stop !‏

éirígí's Newry representative Stephen Murney has called for youths throwing stones at cars in the Carnagat area to stop before someone is seriously injured.

Stephen was speaking after a motorist contacted the party after his car was damaged on Monday night.

Stephen said “We were contacted on Monday night after a car was hit with stones in the Carnagat area. This motorist’s car was damaged as a result and this could have easily led to a serious accident and injuries.

“We have also been told that young people are engaging in this type of behaviour on a regular basis and target taxis and learner drivers in this area”

Murney concluded “éirígí ask these youths to stop this behaviour immediately before someone is seriously injured or worse.”

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Vigils Held in Solidarity with Palestinian Hunger Strikers

éirígí held vigils in Belfast and Newry yesterday [February 11] in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan.

Adnan has been on hunger strike since his arrest by Irsaeli military forces on 17th December 2011. He is protesting against being held in administrative detention – internment without charge or trial for up to six months, which can be repeated indefinitely. He is shackled to a bed and is being tortured and interrogated, and is also not permitted to wash or shower. Khader Adnan has now been joined on hunger strike by his comrades.

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Palestinian prisoners have for years experienced degrading treatment and humiliating conditions at the hands of the Israeli Prison Administration. Their friends and families on the outside have to also endure shameful treatment just to get to visit their loved ones, and sometimes even this can’t happen as detainees are routinely moved from one prison to another with little notice.

Speaking at the Newry vigil, éirígí’s Stephen Murney said, “The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called upon all Palestinian and international organisations and activists to join in a campaign of solidarity with the hunger striking prisoner and to launch protests and solidarity actions in support of Khader Adnan.

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“So here we are here today to show solidarity with our comrades in Palestine who are currently on hunger strike. We have deliberately picked this location, Ray McCreesh Park, for obvious reasons. Over thirty years ago Raymond McCreesh and his comrades also embarked on hunger strike and paid the ultimate sacrifice in doing so.”

Murney continued, “Unsurprisingly the PSNI made a very deliberate and obvious decision that they would target today’s vigil and those taking part in it. This morning, several hours before the vigil, I was stopped and searched in the Derrybeg estate by the PSNI. I was searched for ammunition, wireless apparatus and transmitters, they then attempted, unsuccessfully, to question me about the vigil we would be having. The zionists would be proud of the actions of this militia today.

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“éirígí will continue with our local, national and international campaigns. Internationalism and internationalist solidarity have always been a central theme of Irish republicanism. éirígí understands that now, more than ever, the struggle for an Ireland free of the twin fetters of capitalism and imperialism is integrally linked to the wider international struggle of the poor and oppressed against the rich and powerful.

“For this reason éirígí is committed to building links with progressive organisations and individuals internationally as well as assisting various solidarity campaigns based in Ireland.” 

éirígí launch stencil campaign in Newry

éirígí in Newry have recently launched a stencil campaign in the area to promote the party's socialist republican ideals.
éirígí’s Stephen Murney explained “We have produced a number of stencils one of which depicts an image of ,icon revolutionary figure, James Connolly with his famous quote “WE DEFY YOU” DO YOUR WORST!”. This stencil is designed to promote Connolly’s socialist, working class ideals, especially at this particular time of economic crisis and hardship.
“Another stencil shows the silhouette of a PSNI paramilitary gunman and is being used as part of our “Different Name, Same Aim” campaign. This stencil highlights the unchanged nature of British policing in occupied Ireland. It was recently revealed that 75% of PSNI “civilian staff” served as RUC members. This stencil will serve part of our ongoing campaign against British policing.
Stephen continued “Over the past few years éirígí have been involved in several high visibility campaigns using, stickers, flags, posters and banners in the Newry area. These stencils will now be a regular feature in our activities. They are designed to get people’s attention and make them think about the current situation we are facing. On one hand we have a savage onslaught being waged against the working class by the Tory/Stormont governments and on the other hand those who are highlighting this onslaught are being targeted by the British/Stormont police force. This police force, like any other, is an anti-working class body whose primary aim is to uphold the occupation and protect the powerful and wealthy”.
Murney concluded “We announced that we would mark the New Year by adopting several new initiatives to use in our local campaigns, this is just the beginning and we currently have a number of other ideas and projects that we will announce in the coming weeks.
“Anyone who wishes to help éirígí build a strong, militant community of resistance in Newry can contact any local activist”